Lest We Forget

This weekend, ID Canada activists, anonymous supporters and affiliated groups conducted numerous Remembrance Day campaigns across the country. From coast-to-coast, our members, affiliates and anonymous supporters of ID Canada paid homage to our fallen boys in a variety of ways. From postering and sticker campaigns across Ontario and Alberta to the laying of flowers at cenotaphs across the country. Our activists were also present for numerous remembrance day ceremonies from coast-to-coast.

remembrance day

If those who gave the ultimate sacrifice could see what we’ve become, they wouldn’t have got off the boat, let alone walked 20ft up that beach. The responsibility of restoring the Dominion of Canada to its former glory rests on the shoulders of our youth, and the generations to follow. We have a moral obligation to defend those who can no longer defend themselves. We have a duty of ensuring their sacrifice was not in vain.

It was the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month 100 years ago that Canada truly defined itself as a nation. We marked our unity in blood and sacrifice for a strong, unified Canada. Today, we’re led by globalist traitors, hellbent on destroying our identity. Old Stock Canadians face minority status in less than two decades. If you honestly believe our boys died for diversity and multiculturalism, you’re the one who’s brainwashed.

We will not sit by idly as the nation our boys died for is led down a path of chaos and destruction. We are the defenders of the Dominion.

Who, if not you?

When, if not now?